Hi all!
It's been so long I haven't posted anything... You probably wonder what I do in Everland, and here I finally have some photos of the first festival project I was participated with.. 
It's finally up, after a long 5-months preparation period time, and will be up till next Feb. (only for three month! sob sob..)
It's a story of 'the Nutcracker,' in a giant pop-up book(that is over 22 feet tall,) and the style is somewhat icing-cookie concept.
I found very very interesting work process in Everland, here everyone's directors and everyone's decision makers. I not only had to design all characters/illustrations and come up with the entire colors, but also was teamed up with several people in the entire diff. teams and we had to come up on our own story, do storyboarding, color, design, light, facility safe issue, etc.....! My expectation as being a concept designer who only concentrate on 'designing', was something what others expected as 'do the design that qualifies for all requirements and you only have so short time to complete them because you need to COMPLETE it all the way to installation' type of thing. IT was just such a LONNNGG process and somewhat fun stress, yet we made thru and I still can't believe it's done!
what a strange yet crazy process I experienced in my first work in Korea!
anyway, enjoy~!



Korea is so cold, sooo cold that I can't even take moments to stand outside and sketch.
,,enough excuse, yeah I need to get back to drawing mode!!


Yang-yang Sol Beach Resort

Happy Chinese new year!
I visited Yang-yang near Seoul with my parents, and painted beautiful beach in the hotel I stayed.
It's tooooo cold...... I can't even try to paint outside.. not yet..



Hi everyone,
It's been awhile I have updated my blog since last time!
I am moving back to Korea (in 11 years!!! Wow!!) on the 23rd of November, so I am super busy with packing-
once I move back and settle down, I will post sketches of my journey, 'back to Korea!'
Stay tuned!!!

Take care all !


Good news!
I was lucky to participate for a fund raising art show for Ghana, Art Blocks for Ghana .

thanks for the opportunity, I had lots of fun doing it!
The block I was given to paint was 6x6 inch size wooden block, and the theme was 'home.'
I decided to design a giant tree 'home,' where little natures live. 
It was fun and very educational work, so thanks to all!
Please check out Art Blocks for Ghana  blog for more details! thanks for your support!


Sneak Peek

A sneak Peek of an upcoming new portfolio project I am working on now.
Yes, It will be awesome!!



It took FOREVER to figure out how to design using coding by dreamweaver, and still it's a very basic look and I have a lot more to add on, (such as accordion jquery..random image jquery..etc @_@) but at least it has got things I need.

Check it out and thanks for your support ; )


Trip to Las Vegas and Arizona 09/28-09/31

I was on a short trip to LV and AZ for three days(!).
I have no idea why but I didn't get to draw people gambling.. ahh such a big miss! but I was able to do a drawing at the Chris Angels show. It was fun trip. It was totally worth going to two MANY different places from Nevada to Arizona. It got me many inspirations.

I wonder how come I didn't get to sketch gamblers or people who plays .. but I was able to sketch the scene of Chris Angels show. It was fun.

The scene on the way to Arizona. I wish I brought full set water colors T_T.. next time!!

Grand Canyon. I was there when I was little, yet never knew it's so beautiful!

I didn't get a chance to bring proper supplies.. Next time I will be painting..!!


My internship, the long and short journey that made me stronger than before, is done at last.


Joanna Newsom concert!

Joanna Newsom concert!
She's truly amazing.. and beautiful..
Thanks to KC Cho, a good friend who is kind enough to introduce me to a good concert at The Orpheum theatre! I had an amazing time!


Paint in Dark #3

Arggggg... since my parents are here to visit me from Korea, I wasn't been able to paint much....
This was done a while ago.. that I post now.. My parents have been here for about three weeks and finally are leaving this weekend!!! I will suffer by emptiness again, but I need to be alone now, to concentrate on my works.
It might seem like a day and a night painting, but they both were painted at night at 11pm.
The top was painted with lights on at my veranda, and the one at the bottom was in complete darkness.
The sky looked lighter in dark, and there was an airplane, searching for someone. (!)
A very saturate red color was coming out from a parked car, and I was able to catch colors- but it seems rather TOO saturate and bright.


Verdugo Park 061210

Verdugo Park 061210 SKATERS ROCK!!


Summer is about to begin

In my dream, I was talking to trees, they started singing for me, and I woke up crying.


Paint in Dark #2


remember the color study I do in the dark???? yeah.. I still practice it-it's a good way to adapt a sense of colors i think. It's super fun, too, when you don't even know what color you are putting on : )



봄이 왔어요~~ 


JOSHUA TREE/ 051510-051610

A camping to Joshua Tree! the first time camping in America, which turned out to be one of the most SPECTACULAR things I 've done in this year...

but still too hot......